About Us

ABA Electricals are eminent engineers, established manufacturers and seasoned system integrators with a combined experience spanning over a decade.

After ascertaining the customer needs, ABA custom-designs a system and installs it at the customer end without any hassle.

The company has cognitive, dedicated workforce trained overseas who accomplish projects to the entire satisfaction of the customers.

Besides custom-built systems, ABA’s portfolio also includes standard products such as Solar Panels, Batteries and Inverters, Sunverters, Solar PCUs, Water Heaters, Solar DC Pumps, etc.

The company has an extensive dealer network in Tamil Nadu and Kerala to market and service ABA products and stay closer to the customers at large.

Binu P.B.

The secret of a failsafe Solar System

“The secret of a high yield, failsafe solar system is harnessing maximum energy when the sunlight is available. This is possible with accurate calculations, proper engineering, right selection and use of equipment and devices and perfect installation. Once these aspects are taken care, a solar system will never fail. It will only add to your bottom-line year after year. We ourselves give 25 years’ performance guarantee for the system!”

Sunil Vazhappully

Futuristic, Eco-friendly Energy Solutions

“Our solar solutions are futuristic, enduring and environment-friendly. What we generate is clean energy, helping reduce carbon footprint on the planet. Our solar plants bring enormous savings to the customer, virtually for a lifetime! We also give performance guarantee for our products and installations for long 25 years. We delight our customer with our quality products & systems, engineering prowess and unmatched service.”