Customised Solar Solutions

On-Grid Power Plants

Off-Grid Power Plants

Hybrid Power Plants

Power Plants:

Yes, we provide solar power plants of all the three types viz. On-Grid, Off-Grid and Hybrid. In on-grid solar power generation, the system is connected to the utility-grid from where it is connected to various appliances. An off-grid is not connected to the electricity grid and therefore requires large battery storage. A hybrid power system, on the other hand, combines solar power from a photovoltaic system with another power generating source.

Solar Houses

A solar house uses heat-absorbing materials behind large glass areas designed to use solar radiation for heating. We build solar houses for select clients.

Pic: A view of the ABA Solar House getting constructed at the Milma Outlet at Alapuzha, Kerala, under the stringent quality parameters & efficiency check conducted by the KSEB.

Solar Rooftops

A solar rooftop is a photovoltaic system that has its electricity-generating solar panels mounted on the rooftop of a residential or commercial building or structure. We have already built Solar Rooftops for a number of clients.