Solar DC Pumps

Your water pumping system no longer needs grid power for running. It can now be operated using our Solar DC Pump more efficiently without incurring any energy cost. A typical ABA Solar Water Pumping System comprises solar PV modules, mounting structure, variable frequency drive box and water pump.

Following are the distinct advantages of using DC Solar Pumps:

  •   Renewable energy is used. Hence no pollution
  •   Speed controlled operation
  •   Most cost-effective pumping method
  •   No fuel cost
  •   Requires very low maintenance
  •   Battery-less solar system
  •   Ideal for agriculture, irrigation and domestic applications

For constructing a pumping system, the customer has to provide the required place for mounting solar PV modules. He also has to do civil work for the solar mounting system. The scope of supply of the following can either be with ABA or with the end-user:

  •   AC submersible / Monoblock / Centrifugal pump
  •  HDPE hose, flat cable for motor wiring, rope and all requisite accessories.
  •   Erection of water pump and its auxiliaries
  •   Transportation of materials

ABA offers 25 years' performance warranty for solar modules and 5 years' warranty for VFDs.