Hybrid Solar PCUs

ABA is known for its smart power solutions. ABA Hybrid Solar PCUs are compact units designed to offer the following features and benefits to the end user:

  •   DSP-based fully digital design
  •   Programmable solar priority mode
  •   High frequency PWM inverter
  •   Sine wave output
  •   Active MPPT control system
  •   Multi-phase interleaved MPPT
  •   User-friendly LCD + LED display
  •   Intelligent battery charge management
  •   Soft start facility
  •   Synchronous load transfer

ABA Hybrid Solar PCUs are provided with the following protection features:

  •  Automatic shutdown against overload, low battery voltage and high battery voltage; protection against short circuit, over & under frequency, over voltage & over current at input / output
  •  Inverter shall be able to deliver the current to the distributed distant loads and output transformer shall be protected against lightning.

The enclosures are made as per IP-21.