ABA Electricals are eminent engineers, established manufacturers and seasoned system integrators with a combined experience spanning over a decade.

ABA Electricals for enduring solar energy solutions

ABA Electricals is synonymous with Solar Energy and Energy Conservation. The company helps the domestic sector as well as the industry to save energy through the use of Solar Power which is pollution-free. ABA solar system makes use of German technology known for immaculate precision and utmost reliability. It reduces dependence on grid-power and helps the user slash utility bills substantially.

Solar Energy & Its Benefits


By generating solar power,you are doing a great service not only to the country but also to the world. You are producing clean power and helping reduce carbon footprint. This is your contribution towards reducing the effect of global warming.


By installing your own solar plant, you are assured of continuous, uninterrupted power supply. This makes you self-reliant and enhances your productivity and operational efficiency. It also brings your electricity bill to zero.


Generate clean Solar Energy. More the merrier! Did you know that Solar Projects come under Section 80(1A) of Income Tax Act? In the case of on-grid power, the income generated from sale of power is exempted from Income Tax for 15 years from the date of commissioning.

Easy Steps to go to Solar

  1. Provide your 3 months Electricity Bills

  2. Let ABA experts assess your average power consumption/requirement

  3. Let our team recommend well thought-out Options & Solutions

  4. Finally we propose a Customized solution as per your preference & budget

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