Power blackouts and brownouts are now things of the past. You can now ensure quality and uninterrupted power supply using ABA Sunverter Systems. They use the abundant natural source of energy – solar energy.

ABA Sunverter Systems are configured depending on the capacity required to power the utilities and appliances needed t be connected. Sunverters are offered as seven (7) need-based modular systems. For instance, ABA Solar Solution-1 can power 10 lights, 4 fans and 1 TV, whereas Solution-7 can power 1 Ton AC, 1 water pump, 1 fridge, 15 lights, 6 fans, 1 SA washing machine, 1 induction cooker, 1 TV, 1 iron, 1 tabletop grinder and 1 PC.

Every ABA solar power unit is built using solar panel of poly crystal cells, tubular battery, power-line inverter and solar maximum power tracking system, besides the stands for solar panel and battery. These are integrated. The scope also includes the requisite electrical work.

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